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Hughes Shelton Standards for Sellers

If you are selling your first property, the prospect can be daunting. If you’ve sold properties in the past, there may be several elements of the process that you would prefer to do differently. For these reasons, we’ve established certain service standards. Service standards are practices and standards to which the Hughes-Shelton Team is firmly committed. You will be provided with a clear road map of what it takes to make a successful sale. We let you know, step-by-step, the levels of support and customer care you can expect from us.

First Steps

We will conduct an in-depth interview to understand your goals, your timetable and any special circumstances you may have. By listening carefully to your needs, we pledge to enhance your experience as a seller and to walk you through the steps required to sell your property.

Hughes Shelton Realtors Will

    • Explain “agency” relationships in the state of Florida.
    • Explain how the commission is paid and distributed.
    • Outline the property sale process and provide a timeline.
    • Agree on the best way to continue our ongoing dialogue in a way that fits your lifestyle, i.e. via email, telephone, etc.
    • Review all documents, including contracts, disclosures, disclaimers and inspection reports. In some instances, we may refer you to a real estate attorney for further clarification.
    • Provide you with relocation and mortgage assistance, if appropriate, through our affiliated lender and our referral network.
    • Offer reliable advice and useful information to help you make informed decisions along the way.
    • Handle the details that lead your transaction to a smooth, successful close.

How Do We Price Property?

Price is one of the most significant factors potential buyers consider when looking at a property. You do not want your valuable investment to be either under-priced or over-priced – but how do you know what is appropriate? How can you tell what the market will respond to? As your agent, we will help you realize the optimum value for your property.

Hughes Shelton Realtors Will

    • Prepare and review a comparable market analysis. This will help determine a pricing strategy for your property.
    • We may recommend obtaining certain inspection reports prior to marketing and review the impact they have on pricing.
    • Provide you with a Seller’s Cost (or Net) Sheet that projects the approximate costs of sale. Provide you with updates of market activity in a format that works best for you. This includes:
          • Newly available comparable properties.
          • Recent sales of any comparable properties.
          • Price reductions on available comparable properties.
          • Expired or canceled listings of comparable properties
          • Communication from other sales agents and potential purchasers.
    • Review all documents, including contracts, disclosures, disclaimers and inspection reports. In some instances, we may refer you to a real estate attorney for further clarification.Outline your options and make recommendations based on market conditions and your personal situation.
    • Review the pricing strategy as needed.

Taking Your Property to Market

“What is being done to sell my property?” is a reasonable question to ask your agent. We will create a marketing plan specific to your property. We will educate you about the decision-making process buyers go through so that you may use that information to your advantage. We will then implement the plan to bring your property to market in the most attractive light.

Hughes Shelton Realtors Will

    • Determine a strategy for positioning the property.
    • Utilize the most appropriate marketing resources to alert potential buyers to your property.
    • Maximize the power of the Internet and the MLS (Multiple Listing Service).
    • Expose your property to a wide group of potential buyers and to our broker network to generate interest from a number of qualified parties.
    • Reach out to friends and neighbors who might know of people interested in living in your neighborhood.
    • Utilize our global relocation network, Coldwell Banker (Cartus) Relocation, if appropriate.
    • Manage all inquiries on the sale of your property.
    • Monitor and communicate feedback we receive along the way.
    • Evaluate the results of actions we take along the way.

Preparing Your Property for Market

First impressions count! Can’t stress this enough… Before inviting buyers into your property, you’ll want to be sure you’ve done everything to make it as attractive as possible. There are many ways to improve your chances of a sale, and as your agents, we will discuss these with you.

Hughes Shelton Realtors Will

    • Advise you as to how to present your property. This may include recommendations for cosmetic changes such as painting, clearing the yard, and arranging the best way to “stage” your property for a visit from potential buyers.
    • Advise you as to whether to obtain a professional inspection prior to placing your property on the market. An inspection generally presents a clear picture of the physical condition of the property and allows us to anticipate issues that may arise during the transaction. (This is not intended to preclude buyers from obtaining their own inspection.)
    • Advise you as to whether to purchase a one-year property protection warranty for the buyer of your property.

Negotiating the Sale

Some people enjoy negotiation, others dread it. Either way, when it comes to selling your property it is important to have a capable negotiator on your side. Our experience will be available to you at every step.

Hughes Shelton Realtors Will

        • Discuss approaches and strategies for negotiating and recommend what we consider to be the best option for each circumstance.
        • Assist in negotiating the best price and terms for your property given existing market conditions and your personal situation.
        • Assist in evaluating the qualifications of any buyer that makes an offer on your property. We will make available a mortgage specialist to arrange for a mortgage approval if requested.
        • Assist you in reviewing the conditions in the offer and their potential impact on the transaction.
        • Revise the Seller’s Cost (or Net) Sheet and calculate net proceeds based on the negotiated sales price.
        • Help you make informed decisions.
        • Counsel you on your options for the presentation of offers on your property.

From Contract Acceptance to Closing

During this time (typically 30 and 60 days), we will be there to assist you in handling crucial details so that deadlines are met in order to bring your transaction to a smooth, successful close.

Hughes Shelton Realtors Will

    • Verify that escrow has been established, deliver a real time calendar of events, and monitor contingency periods and inspections.
    • Attend inspections as practical or at your request.
    • To the extent possible, monitor the purchaser’ loan to ensure that the process is running smoothly.
    • Provide you with timely updates on the status of the closing process.
    • At your direction, actively market the property for possible back-up contracts through the contingency period and beyond based on market conditions.
    • Provide you with copies of all documents executed by both parties which are received by us.

Marketing Your Luxury Home

Luxury properties have special features and amenities that distinguish them from “typical” homes; the effort it takes to sell such high-end properties is equally unique. Selling a home of distinction is a very different proposition. It requires special training and experience, an understanding of the seller’s needs, a global approach to potential buyers and a significant investment of time. The Hughes Shelton Team develops a one-of-a-kind sales campaign for each unique property. As realtors working in the top luxury market the Hughes Shelton Team knows the protocol required, how to identify and highlight a home’s construction and amenities and effectively communicate the integrity of the property. But that’s only the beginning of the process. It takes an extraordinary level of knowledge, resources and service to showcase a property, particularly in today’s economic climate. Once the partnership is established between our Team and the Seller, the sales wheels are set in motion with the rollout of a comprehensive, customized marketing plan designed to reach the greatest number of qualified prospective buyers. Professional photography is arranged, customized property brochures and postcards are produced and distributed to prospective buyers and targeted market areas. The home also receives exposure via Previews Exceptional Florida Properties magazine, a dedicated publication produced by Coldwell Banker Previews luxury homes division. In addition, the property is featured in the Coldwell Banker Portfolio, a regional magazine, mailed to every residence in the state of Florida assessed at $500,000 or more. Further exposure is achieved via virtual or Web tours on numerous websites. Our featured websites include:,,,,, and, which collectively garner 10.5 million viewings per month. The proverbial icing on the cake is advertising placed in publications such as Unique Homes, Luxury Home Magazine, and Previews International. We also market to all Coldwell Banker Previews associates worldwide.

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